Friday, March 4, 2011

Willy Covers it with a Tarp!

Willy likes indoor and outdoor cooking utensils.  This means that the outdoor grills and utensils are subject to the weather.  What is Willy to do?  Well, the thing that Willy might do is to get a great tarp to cover each of these items.  That is the way that Willy will take care of his things. 

Willy also knows that there are many different types of tarps that he might use for this process.  Willy might think about using a canvas tarp, white canvas tarps or maybe even clear tarps so that people could see Willy’s great tools.  Cause Willy has nice tools.  Do you have nice equipment that you might want to cover?  If so, read on!

So you see where Willy is going with this?  Willy is trying to tell his many readers that tarps are important when they are needed and they are good for protection and protection is very, very important to everyone.  That is what Willy is all about.  What about you?  Do you need a tarp?  Just as Willy has said previously, get a tarp and get protected. 

That is what is cooking over at Hillbilly Willy’s house today. Is a tarp in your future?

10-4 Willy

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