Sunday, May 1, 2011

Firstrade – Online Broker

Most everyone who trades stocks these days do some type of Online Trading and have some type of Online Broker.  This is the way I am here at Life in America.  I have IRA Accounts online and use Mobile Trading for much of my Stock Trading

In that train of thought it is always good to look at the different companies offering what you want and  need.  One of the companies that I have explored recently is Firstrade.  They seem to have their act together and are able to offer all of the things that I want in an account.  They also offer the mobile trading which is important in todays mobile society.  We want to be able to check on our stocks and bonds and be able to trade any place and any time.  That is important. 

So if you are looking for an online brokerage firm that allows customers to trade Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Fixed Incomes at competitive costs you should take a look at Firstrade. They have all of the things that I have mentioned above such as  "Online Trading", "Online Broker", "IRA Accounts", "Mobile Trading" and "Stock Trading"

So, I guess the question would be, why would you look anywhere else.

These are my thoughts for now.  What are your thoughts?

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