Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fishing Rods for the Right Fishing Experience.

One of the things that many Americans like to do is to fish.  Life in America is blessed to be located in the heart of America and in a state that has many lakes and rivers in which to fish.  In fact I am located only one hour from a great place to fly fish and a place where record brown trout have been caught.  This place that I mention is the Little Red River.   I like to fish there and on Greers Ferry Lake which has great crappie and trout fishing.

The thing that I have found in my fishing adventures is the importance of having the right fishing rods for the right fishing trips and types of fish.  I have found that I need to get good rods and reels and or good fly fishing rods for the places that I fish.  I have gone many times as I was learning to fish, thinking that one rod or one reel was a catch all for all types of fishing.  I have since decided that this is not true. 

I watch the professionals fish on TV and in person and I see that they have different equipment for different places and circumstances.  This has translated in to me wanting to duplicate some of these techniques and equipment and have found that this causes the fishing experience to be more productive and when it is more productive it is more enjoyable.

So, in short fish for the right fish with the right fishing rods and equipment and you will enjoy your adventure to its fullest extent.

That is my thoughts today on fishing.  Maybe tomorrow it will be hunting or other subjects.

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