Friday, September 9, 2011

EDC Technical Academy offers free construction courses

The economy is in crisis and there is a real shortage of work for unskilled workers at the moment. However, affording the training that would enable workers to become skilled can be quite difficult. When you hit nineteen you become ineligible for a lot of free education.

However, leading north east college East Durham Technical Academy is looking to help by offering construction courses to unemployed people over nineteen.

What does the course involve?

The course is for ten weeks and will give over 19s the opportunity to learn:

• Plastering
• Tiling
• Plumbing
• Kitchen and bathroom fitting
• Health and safety

The course is only 15 hours a week, which enables students to work at the same time.

The course is also offered as a two day taster to anyone aged 16-18 so that they get an idea of the sort of qualifications on offer at The Technical Academy.

This kind of gesture is instrumental in getting people back to work and training them in new skills at a time where they might feel forgotten because they are over nineteen.

Who is The Technical Academy?

East Durham Technical Academy is a college teaching over 16’s the very best trades via the teaching of vocational courses (like plastering courses) so that they can join the workforce as a skilled worker. Not only do they offer these excellent vocational courses to young people, they also offer fantastic staff training and apprenticeships. Academic qualifications are important of course, but learning a trade and equipping oneself for the world of work is just as important and requires as much brain and skill as an academic qualification does.

Find out more about The Tech Academy Durham now by heading across to and having a look around the site.

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