Thursday, September 15, 2011

San Antonio

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

We are so excited about our new home in San Antonio, Texas. My husband just got transferred to Lackland Air Force Base. We are hoping to be stationed there for at least the next five years and decided to buy a house. It is just perfect for us. So far, I have gotten intouch with SECURITY CHOICE SAN ANTONIO to install an alarm system and have picked out the new paint colors. I decided to go with a much more neutral tone than I did with our current home. I can’t wait until we have our friends and family visit. We are not too far from the Riverwalk. I know that my Dad and cousins will love visiting the Alamo. There is so much US history there! I’m not sure how I’m going to adjust to the hot weather. Coming from upstate New York is going to be a big change. I think that I will be selling our snow blower, snow shovel, and some of my heavy coatsat our moving sell next week. Who knows, maybe I’ll make enough money to buy myself a pair of authentic Texas cowgirl boots

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