Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moved in Together

Author: Jonathan Suarez

We moved in together before we got married which everyone told us not to do but we did anyway. At first it was lots of fun – all playing house and cleaning together and cooking a joint dinner every night – but then after a while it started to grate on me the way Ted never cleaned up after himself and how he was really lazy when he got home from work. Honestly, it’s like all he wants to do is plop down in front of the direct TV when I want to go for a long walk or talk about our days. He says I’m nagging him but I just think I’m trying to connect. We spend upwards of 12 hours a day apart and I just want to feel connected to him again. I think we spend less quality time together now than when we didn’t live together – at least then it was more intentional and he’d have to take me out on a date to see me, you know? I love Ted to death but he’s gotta change.

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