Monday, January 16, 2012

Organizing my son's sea of toys

Guest post written by Kelly Anderson

One resolution that I have for 2012 is to make our home more organized. It can get a little messy at times and I don't even know how much of my life I've wasted tracking down my car keys in all the mess. But I'm trying to organize in a practical way that will make it easy to keep organized. I figured out that the easiest way to do that would be to buy some organizational furniture.

As I was online searching for some good after Christmas deals on organizational stuff, I ran across a Site talking about siding replacement. Our house has needed that for quite a while anyway so I showed it to my husband and we're going to get that done pretty soon.

I'm so relieved to have some organized toys for my son. His room is definitely the messiest out of our whole house and I bought him some under-bed storage stuff and established some new rules about storing toys. Let's hope that we all stick to our newly organized habits.

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