Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trade Shows that Don't Blow!

Trade shows are a part of American cultural.  There are big ones and small ones. There are good ones and bad ones.  I have been a part of a couple of trade shows lately and one was good and one was bad.  There were good booths and there were bad booths.

The booths that seemed to catch the most attention were neat and crisp.  They had trade show flooring that was neat and with a logo.   These great booths at the trade show had their on trade show carpet and logo mats.  These booths just look neat, attractive and they draw the most attention. 

This has given me the notion that I might need to spice up my trade show appearance by going on line and looking for those things that would make my appearance at a trade show more alluring to my potential clients.  I might look for something more of a logo and maybe even a canopy that would draw eyes to my booth.

I have even noticed that many businesses use this type of thing to spice up their business appearance.  Life in America today is trying to get more clients to our business or trade show booth.  What do you think.

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