Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Drinking on the job Mr President

You mister President Obama are a prime example of what is wrong with America today. You have already proven that it is more productive for a person to have his hand out for the government to put money in it than it is to have your hand out to put a glove on it and go to work.

I observed you today on television in front of millions of Americans hoisting a glass of alcoholic beverage during the day when you were on the job for the American people. What do you think my employer would say if he saw me a voice hoisting a beer in the middle of the day. Where I work drinking on the job is a an offence that could get me fired.

Yes Mr. president you might call me a prude. Yes Mr President you might call me old fashioned. But Mr President you will not see me drinking on the job. Yes, you Mr Barack  Hussein Obama, President of the United States is what is wrong with America.

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