Thursday, May 3, 2007

All in a Days Work

Anyone of the few that read this blog, have seen me mention from time to time the fact that, although my job in lending causes me to sit behind a desk and push a pencil much of the time, I occassionally have a day or part of a day the is devoted to "inspections".

Well this afternoon was one of those afternoons. Under the guise of having to view a large cattle herd for an individual, I ended up spending about 3 hours driving over a 1200 acre ranch located in the Arkansas River bottoms. This along with great conversation with the owner made for a good time.

The entire place was not particularly awe inspiring, but there were several views from tops of hillsides that would "knock your socks off". This was very much the take on the view that looked across the river and the valley that surrounded it.

Then to hear the pride in the owners voice as he fondly described how the place looked about 15 years ago when he acquired the initial place. It was almost like a newly wed describing the beauty of his new bride.

"That was the original Pasture" he would say " and all of that has been cleared since that time."

And the little anectdotes about developing the place.

"Started on a Friday putting in new fences since all of the fences were pretty much non-existent when I bought the place." he quipped. "Had four guys helping me that afternoon. After about four hours we had driven about 30 posts. The guys again inquired as we quit that afternoon as to how much fence we were putting up. Only about six miles I told them."

He went on saying "I was pretty much concerned when we left that day who would show back up on Monday." Well, rains came through the weekend and on in to Monday and we couldn't work. But, come Tuesday the sun came out and to my surprise everyone came back." The rain softened ground made the posts drive easier and by the end of the day everyone was more encouraged that this job could be done. "Still took a long time" .

Well, again as I say, its all in a days work.

Guess Monday I'll pick back up the pencil. Maybe it won't be so heavy next week.


Panhandle Poet said...

Any reason for getting out of the office is good. That's what I like about my job -- I get a variety of in the office sometimes, out making customer calls sometimes. I prefer the out part of it!

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