Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday and Divine Appointments

We never know what each day will bring us. It often would seem that each day, especially Monday is predicated on what is leftover from Friday. Many times Friday was hectic and things that should have gotten done never got touched.

Well, this could always be the case and we could let the fact that we have those leftovers give us an attitude of dread for Monday. But the truth of the matter is that I believe the things that the day brings is predicated more on our attitudes. If I start with a dread of Monday and with the expectations of issues of the things left over from Friday, then I find that Monday is usually a tough day.

However, if I simply thank God for the fact that I have opportunities on Monday to take care of those issues and realize that there are divine appointments each and everyday that are given to me, then Monday is not such a bad day.

The attitude must be "thank you Lord for today." "Help me to recognize those divine appointments that you give me and help me make each and everyone I come in contact have a realization of you, because they see you in me!"

My thoughts for now!

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