Saturday, October 20, 2007

Portable Scanner -Scanshell 2000N

If you are looking for a portable scanner you need to check out the Scanshell 2000N Pictured below:

This is what they say about their Scanner:

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable scanner is the ideal A4 color scanner for the busy professionals and executives. This lightweight and convenient scanner is powered using only the USB 2.0 port. The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR)is conveniently carried along with a laptop and requires a minimal footprint on the desktop.

Our portable scanner enables users to fax, email and organize all of business documents, with the "touch of a button". The ScanShell 2000N's (2000NR)capability and versatility provides the perfect imaging solution for today's on-the-go professional.

Digital-imaging technology took a significant leap forward with the introduction of ScanShell 2000NR portable scanner. The newest member of ScanShell family and the industry's first 600 dpi high resolution truly portable scanner that interfaces to any standard USB port. The 600 dpi resolution provides the high quality of output for photo scanning and the better OCR quality.

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable scanneris a lightweight (14oz/390g) mobile scanner that requires no external power adapter. Its USB 2.0 port connection feature allows for a fast and easy one-cable hook up to your notebook or desktop PC and the unique "launch" button starts your imaging application instantly.

Here is what I have to say about it:

This scanner looks awsome. It is a lightweight (14oz/390g) portable scanner. It is an A4 sheet-fet scanner. It uses USB 2.0 port connection - and there is no external power needed. It has a high resolution 600 dpi and great color. It is a fully mobile small print document scanner. It is TWAIN compliant.

What more could you want? I can't think of anything but if you can - I bet it does it.

Check it out at Scanshell Or check out any of their products at Scanshell Store.

You'll be glad you did!

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