Sunday, October 7, 2007

Response to "Aging" by Panhandle Poet

Panhandle Poet has expressed some thoughts aging.

I decided to take his points and express my views using the same topics.

On Aging -
My Activism turns to Apathy simply because some of the things that I was so animate about turn to things that have lesser importance as I age. Activism now is at a slowere pace.

A Cause -
Similar to my activism - When I was a child I thought and spoke as a child - now that I am older the things of youth are but a memory

Ruthless Energy -
Turns to need for vitamins so that I have energy to talk about past exploits. I am still creating current exploits - just at a slower pace. I will have to have recent exploits so that I can remember them as I get older. I am not dead just a little slower!

Dreams -
Many of them are now a reality - many are dreams still to come true-dreams change daily as maturity increases

has already grown to middle-age To some I am already elderly
The judge of my wisdom is left to those that know me.