Friday, November 23, 2007

America - Giving Thanks or Thanks through Giving!

It is always great to see a nation seem to come together on a certain day of the year and give thanks. Yes, the day is Thanksgiving.

Sometimes I believe that we get the word backwards and believe it is only about Giving-Thanks. Yes, it is much about declaring what we are thankful for. But wouldn't it be great if we would practice the real word which is Thanks - Giving.

The emphasis here is on giving because we are thankful. It is great to talk about what we are thankful but it is greater to give because we are thankful.

The Bible says "Give because it is given unto you." It also says "be you doers of the word and not hearers only." Sometimes I believe that we like to hear our selves talk about how thankful we are when in fact we would'nt have to be so animate with our words if we more animate with our actions.

Yes, Give Thanks this week. But better than just that the next 52 weeks let people see how thankful you are by giving!

My thoughts for now

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