Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smorty - Get Paid to Blog!

Smorty is a great new service that I have found that allows me as a blogger to make money doing what I do best. Writing about what I want to write about.

Smorty is a service that has been designed to connect advertisers and bloggers in a unique way that benefits both. Advertisers use the service to pay bloggers to write opinion posts about their product or site and provide links back to the advertisers site. Everybody wins.

As I stated earlier the bloggers get paid for blogging ...what they do best. The blog advertising, with links back to the advertisers site such, as this blog is doing for Smorty benefits both.

What can be more beneficial than a site like Smorty that allows me to blog for money while supporting blog advertising. One of the things also that I like about this site is that it appears to allow me the opportunity through email to be notified as soon as opportunities are available.

I am new at using this service but my understanding is that I will receive an email when opportunities and then it is first come first serve to get the opportunity. I then log in and the opportunities are listed for me to participate in. I choose what I want to blog about and create my opinion blog about that site.

After a certain number of days if my blog has not been reviewed it then becomes automatically approved. This way it does not sit forever before getting approved.

I see lots of things I like about this method of paying bloggers for their opinions.

Looks real good to me!

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