Sunday, November 11, 2007

America - Vote Right - Vote Huckabee! - I Like Mike!
I expect that it will change the course of the campaign trail for me to make this declaration. I am off of the Fred bandwagon and on the bandwagon I should have been on all along.

The reason I had not jumped on with Mike before is that I did not think he had a snowballs chance to win. Well, it may still be a slim chance but it is better than it used to be. And yes, I have experienced Mr. Huckabee as a Baptist Preacher (a good one) Leader of the Arkansas Baptist Convention ( a good one) and a Governor of the state of Arkansas ( a good one.)

Mr. Huckabee lines up with my beliefs very well both as a Christian and as my beliefs about a nation - Under God!

I am for Mike. Jump on the band Wagon.

I am starting my own Blogroll of Bloggers for Huckabee. Click Here - give me your blog name and I will add you to the blog and give you the code to add it to your site.

Get on board the early train for Mike!


vote for hillary online said...

Huckabee doesn't have a chance at all to win the presidency. If you want to check out a real candidate with real values, check out Hillary Clinton. You won't be disappointed.

Michigan Redneck said...

Welcome to the Huckabee bandwagon!


Hillbilly Willy said...

Thanks for Dropping by Michigan Redneck. Why not take my blogroll and add to your site.

Leave me a comment if you want the code.

10-4 Willy

Michigan Redneck said...

Yeah, I would like the code