Friday, November 9, 2007

4-H Banquet- Were you in 4-H?

Within the capacity of my real job, I have the need to reach out to the young people of our area, especially as it pertains to Agriculture. Last night I had the great opportunity to attend the local 4-H achievement Banquet.
It was a very pleasant evening and very much a joy to see these young people so involved in not only agriculture related projects but projects of all kinds that fit many different skills, and interests.
I was a member of 4-H when I was growing up. Yes, that was so far back that it is hard to remember.... Back in about 1963. But I could still state the 4-H pledge with the kids last night.
Well, back then it was mostly animals and agriculture projects. Today it is computers, cooking, photography, public speaking, horsmanship, and oh yes, you still have some animal clubs.
My bet is that many of you were members of 4-H. Well, here in Arkansas they are starting a year long celebration of the 100th year of 4H in Arkansas.
Regardless of where you are at or any other circumstances, it would be nice if you could let me know if you were a member of 4-H growing up.
I would like to express to these kids that even Bloggers are familar with 4-H.
Leave me a comment!
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