Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ruby Ridge - Arkansas Rednecks - Scare Me!

I dont know all of the story of Ruby Ridge but I do know that it has to do with a bunch of Redneck Militia in Idaho and their distaste for the government. I just saw a Criminal Minds episode that took place in Montana which talked about it.

Well, that brings me to today. I had to go out and inspect some land in an area that I had always heard was a tough area. I had heard many times stories of people not coming back from that area. Well, the land I had to inspect was at the end of the road in that area.

I went to the end of the road, parked the vehicle and walked about a mile onto the property, not really thinking about anything.

Then, as I heard noise in the woods and possible deer or other animals, My mind begin to go towards the fact that it was almost deer season. Many a people will be in the woods of Arkansas next week, about 400,000 is the estimate. I begin to remember that many people try to get a head start on the season and how many people had been killed "accidentally" in the woods by hunters or by people trying to stop early hunters.

My mind continued to move in the direction of some fear. But that is crazy. I am just inspecting the property.

However, I finished my walk rather abruptly and made it back to my truck. As I was turning around at the end of the road, a SUV appeared out of nowhere.

"What you doing they asked." I explained my purpose. "Thought you might be hunting a little early" they said. "We dont take to that much in these parts"

Again, I stated my simple purpose was to look at the land for a prospective client.

I politely excused myself and got in my truck and drove off. They followed about two miles down the dirt road and then abruptly passed.

Why was I scared. I am not sure. Just a couple of good ole boys out on the backroads.

Wonder why their eyes were close together. Was that "Dueling Banjos" I heard.

My thoughts for now.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Yeee-Haw, Paw! Git'm!!! Speaking of rednecks, I heard some the other day in the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, KS where I'm from. They must like them braindead, cornfed, inbred cattle. Sheeet, Paw...

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