Sunday, April 13, 2008

Always a Work In Progress

Just read a post froma blog called always a work in progress and it appears that from this blog it is obvious that life in Australia may be much like life in America. It appears that the author of this blog is working from home for a marketing firm based in Australia.

This leads me to believe that the author lives in Australia. Well, in reading the blog it sounds like the trials of work, play, kids and life are much a struggle, a pain and a blessing much like they are here in the United states.

The author writes about the big website launching which was a big undertaking. Then there is a post about a family vacation. Then there is talk about more work then more family and friends. This is a very busy person. As I said earlier, life there sounds much like life here.

Check out the blog always a work in progress. Might find it interesting.

My thoughts for now!

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