Saturday, April 19, 2008

IRS Blues - What about ME!

Tax day in America has come and gone and with it comes the Tax day Blues. It is amazing to think what I could do with all of the money that I pay the IRS over the years. I don't make huge salaries or have great businesses but to me the amount of money that I pay to the IRS is outstanding.

Just think with the amount of money that I paid in income taxes and social security taxes I could have had a $200,000 house paid off in the past 10 years. With that said and done, I could then put more money away in savings and when retirement time comes I would have my own nest egg and not have to have SS to pay my way.

But wait the government would not have the money to spend on the foreign aid. What about me! We are shipping out billions of dollars each year to support those other countrys when in fact the money we are sending is borrowed money from foreign countries.

What about me!

That is all I can say. Let us keep our own money. Lets do what it takes to maintain a strong infrastructure and keep the rest of the money here.

Let me keep my own money and let me take care of me and mine and all will be well.

My thoughts for now.

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Digitalbrian said...

EXACTLY! what I have been saying all along, why dont we help our OWN people before we try to save the freakin world. PROBS TO YOU!