Saturday, June 26, 2010

Eyeglasses – Your Best Interest at Heart?

Many people in America wear eyeglasses.  Many people in America have a favorite place that they go to have their eye exams and to find out what they need in the way of prescriptions for their eyeglasses.   This is where the rub comes in.  Let me tell you about the problem as I see it.

Many of these places that examine your eyes also sell the eyeglasses, frames, lens and everything else.   Many of these places make a lot of extra money off of the sale of the eyeglasses well above that of just the examines.  Why not?  They have you as a captive audience. 

Now, it has not happened to me yet, but my understanding that the place where you get the exam is now many times reluctant to give you what is called the PD.  This is the Pupillary Distance.  This is a measurement that is necessary if you want to take your prescription to someone else such as Zenni Optical on line to get similar or the same eye wear at a discounted price.   In short, my belief is that they do not want to give up the money.

My question is that in doing this do those folks have your best interest at heart.  I believe they only have their pocket book in mind and not what is best for you.

What are your thoughts.

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