Saturday, June 26, 2010

Find Good Information –

This is the summer of travel.  This is the summer that many people will take up their Life in America and travel or move to another city.  What do you do when you move or travel to a strange city and you need to find something there important.

Well, lets assume that we are taking a little trip across America.  Where do you want to travel first.  Well, first lets go closer to home for our first stop which might be Tulsa, OK where we might need to find a local shop to work on our car.  That is when we pull out the internet and go some place like  There we would choose the city and then choose what we are looking for.

But lets move on in the south.  I love the travel the south and I love to find the things that I might need as our fantasy trip takes us to Birmingham, AL where we need to find some great eating places.  We search the internet again.  Guess where we search?

Moving on in our mind trip lets go north.  I am always uncomfortable when I go north but my comfort level might increase in a big city such as Chicago, IL if I have the right information.  Where do I find the best local information about Chicago.  Well, I believe that is at the website of  This gets me all of the places that I need without a lot of street time but just a little internet time.

Makes sense doesn’t it. 

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