Saturday, July 31, 2010

Book Room and Book Golf at

I am always looking for a great vacation that has great beaches or great golf and when you can find a vacation time that gives you both then that is an extra bonus.  Well surfing around and with a little investigation I have found a site on the internet that does just that.  The site I am referring to is

What is so great about this site is that it not only gives you a great place to book your golf in the Myrtle Beach area but you can book your accommodations for a place to stay right on the same sight.  This allows you to not go to one site and book a room and go to another site to book your golf.  No this site lets you search for the right Myrtle Beach golf courses and then search for a place to stay that will compliment the golf package.  How great is that.

So if you are searching around the internet for those great Myrtle Beach golf packages that exist, you will want to check out the site mentioned above.  This cuts down on the time searching and booking and gives you more time to get to your destination and start playing golf.

How great is all of this.  Great Golf and Great vacation all wrapped into one. 

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