Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dogs Life in America!

Sometimes I think it would be great to be most dogs in America. Why is that? Well, lets review my dogs life.

  • Morning - get up and watch me fetch the paper.  When I come back in I give the dog a bone and food.
  • We leave for work and close dog in bedroom with dog door.  
  • Dog lays on bed and sleeps or walks outside and lays in the yard when it is cooler or stays in house with air conditioner if it is hot.
  • 5 pm.  We come home walk in and the dog brings us his away ball and we give the dog a bone and more food.
  • Dog wants to play - we walk outside and dog runs around the yard twice and we go back in and give the dog a bone.
  • Rest of the evening the dog lays on couch or floor in a cool place
  • 10 pm. WE go to bed and dog crawls up on bed and sleeps most of night.  - Yes - gave it a bone before bed.
I believe it is time someone gave me a bone and I got to sleep or do what I want to all day.

What do you think.

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