Monday, August 30, 2010

Superb Internet - Ahead of the Rest!

Are you a medium size business who is using or has a need for excellent web hosting or do you have a need for managed hostingWell, if these things are something you need it is very likely that you might want to look online at a company called Superb Internet.  This company appears to have what you and I might need as a small to intermediate sized company.

One of the things that I see that could be very important to us would be the idea of colocation  of there servers.  It appears that this means that they have your server site backed up at two locations different from each other.  That means to me that if one goes out or down the backup should be there with the power that you need.  That can be important to minimize the down time that you might experinece.

So all of this means that if there is a need for this type of web hosting service or if you are looking at setting up a company with these needs then you certainly need to look at this as a great option for your internet needs.

This is my thoughts on this subject for now.

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