Monday, August 30, 2010

Television in America

Life in America for many people is built around "what is on tv" It is amazing to me the changes in America over my life time. I used to listen to my parents who were born in 1915 talk about the changes that they had seen in their lifetime. Going from horses to cars was quiet a feat. Going from horses to space travel was even bigger.
Well, in my lifetime electronics have done something similar. Things that I see as interesting in this subject are:

  • first network broadcast was made about 5 years prior to my birth.
  • my first year of college we used computer cards to put programs into a computer which was housed in a building about as big as 5 houses.   This can now be done on many cell phones.
  • A calculator that I used in college in 1970 had six stackable number banks.  You can now do these calculations on your pocket watch.
So you see the times have changed and the television seemed to start a lot of it.

My thoughts for now.

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