Monday, February 20, 2012

Painting the House

Life in America today is about painting the house.  The rent house that my daughter and son in law live in needs a little fixing up before that grandson comes in June.  So the we decided to help out the kids by putting a fresh coat of paint on some of the house that they live in and maybe doing a little cabinet work over to give them some more storage room.

So today is paint day.  This means that I have Presidents day off and I am working at the kids house on the computer while the painter paints. 

Wait a minute!  You surely did not think that I was going to paint.  I like to paint as much as I like to have my teeth pulled.   However, while they paint I am going to be doing Internet things that make some money so that I can afford to hire the painters. 

That is  what Life in America is about today.

1 comment:

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