Wednesday, July 7, 2010

King James

Ok. They say that King Lebron James is going to have a great one hour show tomorrow night. They say that his people has asked ESPN to join him as they put on a one hour show on which he will announce which team he will play for.

Will it be New York? Will it be Orlando? Will it be Chicago? Will he stay in Cleveland.

My question is how will he turn this into an hour long show. Will he pull the stunts that High School kids going to college pull when they have two hats in front of them and finally pick up one and put it on.

Will Lebron have a hat for each team in the NBA and spend an hour reaching for a different one and then finally when the hour is over he will pick up one and put it on and that is who he will play for.

Get the nonsense over. Lets find out who he will play for and then those of us who don't really care can get back to real sports.

Just my thoughts for now.

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