Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas in America

Life in America is looking to see what people believe are the best places in America to visit for Christmas lights and theme.  Here are some that I have found. 

Branson Area Festival of Lights
Branson, Missouri
The city of Branson is nestled in the Ozark Mountains about 250 miles from the gateway to the West, St. Louis, MO. Once a dying lumber town, Branson is now the country's live entertainment capital. It is home to scores of theaters and resort hotels that appeal to tourists year-round. And during that most wonderful time of the year, the hotels, theaters and townspeople all come together to produce the Branson Area Festival of Lights.

National Christmas Center
Paradise, Pennsylvania
The National Christmas Center is the only Christmas museum in the entire world. Owner Jim Morrison unwrapped the museum in 1998 with just 3 exhibits. Today the museum overflows with hundreds of thousands of Christmas items, some more than 200 years old.

Las Vegas, Nevada
No American city parties harder than Las Vegas, and every December more than 3 million people flock here to celebrate the holidays. As proof that Christmas in Vegas is high-speed and high-octane, there's an annual holiday road race -- exclusively for Santa impersonators!

Mall of America
Minneapolis, Minnesota
At the Mall of America, bigger is better. It holds more than 520 stores, houses its own amusement park and stands at a staggering 4.2 million-square-feet. During the holiday season, 2-dozen wreaths are hung throughout the mall -- all of them 10 feet in diameter. Giant red ornament bulbs hang from the ceiling, each weighing in at 300 pounds.

Santa Claus, Indiana
Santa Claus, IN is a whole town dedicated to the Christmas spirit. What started as a name has become a way of life for this small Indiana town. Here, all the streets have Christmas-themed names, like Prancer Dr., Chestnuts Roasting by the Open Fire St., and Jingle Bell and Candy Cane lanes. Likewise, all the shops and businesses have Christmas-themed names.

What are some of your thoughts that should be in this list.

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Branson Traveler said...

It's great to see that you have included Branson in your list! It's certainly one of the top destinations in the country for experiencing the Christmas season. Most of the shows in Branson switch over to a Christmas format too, many are well worth seeing on your next trip!